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Keynote & invited speakers

James Stikeleather


Executive Strategist & Chief Innovation Officer
Dell Services

Jim Stikeleather is Chief Innovation Officer for Dell Services where his team enables, facilitates and accelerates new technologies, business models and processes to address evolving business, economic and social forces for the company and customers.

For more than 30 years, Jim Stikeleather has designed, developed and implemented award-winning information and communications technologies that help businesses and institutions succeed as well as starting and growing multiple companies.

He has spoken and consulted internationally on digital infrastructures, evaluation of emerging technologies, and provided strategic guidance on their application to achieve business outcomes. He participates in international technology standards bodies, has multiple book and industry-article contributions to his credit and advises a number of technology incubators. Additionally, Jim holds two patents.

Jim came to Dell via Perot Systems and Meadwestvaco. Perot acquired a company he started, the Technical Resource Connection (TRC), in 1996.

Innovate or Die

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The accelerating rate of change in technology, markets, economies, consumers, values, societies and just about all elements of the human experience means that much of what we know in terms of philosophies, principles, conventional wisdom, and best practice for creating, growing and operating a business regardless of size or age are now irrelevant. Soon only the form of value creation will be innovation, and that means innovation will soon be the only source of the profits needed to sustain any enterprise – private, NGO, not for profit and even governmental.

This session will cover what the misunderstood concept of innovation really is; why it will be the critical capability for all organizations and provide a quick overview on how to start the process of making it an inherent competency of your team.

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    1. Открыт сайт конференции Разработка ПО/CEE-SECR 2013 | i-Help says:

      [...] подтвердили: директор по стратегии и инновациям Dell Джим Стайклетер (Jim Stikeleather); основатель OTI, ныне IBM OTI Labs Дэйв Томас (Dave A. [...]


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    • I was privileged to speak at CEE-SECR in 2011 to a large group of Russian software experts on the future of Scrum. It is inspiring to see how over the last few years, Scrum has taken hold and is truly transforming the culture of the Russian software industry. This process is driven in large part by the drive and dedication of leaders like the organizers of the CEE-SECR event to make the most advanced knowledge and best practices available to their fellow software professionals. It is professionally gratifying to be a part of this effort.

      Jeff Sutherland
      Scrum Inc.

    • SECR was a remarkable event, in a number of ways. The quality and breadth both of the presenters and attendees made this a world-class conference on software engineering of great value to academics and practitioners alike. It was particularly useful and rewarding for those of us coming from abroad to learn something about Russia today and the state of the Russian software industry. It is an impressive and growing community that will only increase in importance in years to come.

      Michael Cusumano
      MIT Sloan

    • The conference was very well organized! All information was available on the website in advance. The leading experts and interesting speakers were invited from Russia and around the world. Selected presentations were relevant and informative. The round tables devoted to innovations, investment, forecasts for the future were very interesting. Many thanks to the organizers!

      Evgeny Philippov
      Director, CIS
      Exigen Services

    • The conference program always keeps focus on important aspects of state-of-the-art software engineering technologies, and provides a unique opportunity and ground to meet in person with world-known gurus in software engineering. I would like to highlight the excellent atmosphere of SECR that enables fascinating discussions and practical experience exchange with colleagues from leading IT companies. Participants of the conference have become good friends, and the conference itself can be considered an annual meeting of Software Engineering Club members.

      Alexander Babkin
      Manager of Quality Engineering team
      Motorola Mobility St. Petersburg

    • At the last year’s event, we heard from Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-inventor of Scrum, that his company Scrum Inc. was launching a new Scrum capability assessment methodology. Since it is always extremely valuable to learn from the best, we decided to undergo the assessment, and as a result First Line became the first software firm in the world to be awarded an official Scrum Capability Rating by Scrum Inc.

      Alexander Pozdniakov
      First Line Software

    • Thumbs up for the organizers of the SECR conference. The event was extremely well organized and managed, and I derived enormous satisfaction from meeting up with very interesting people and making lots of extremely useful contacts among the Software Engineering professionals. Keep up the good job!

      Tatiana Danielyan
      Deputy Director of Linguistic Product Department

    • I am always delighted to participate in SECR. On the one hand, the conference attracts me by really work atmosphere and environment, by a big number of speakers whom are interesting to hear, and on the other hand, by numerous round tables devoted to various problems which seem to be really vital to the major part of participants. I am really pleased with the informal atmosphere which always predominates on the sessions themselves as well as in the lobby talks within the backroom space. All these actions are usually held on a very high professional level. It is also great that in spite of purely engineering scope of the conference many other topics related to the software engineering are also discussed here, such as human resources and training in IT companies, IP protection etc. No doubts, that SECR is considered to be a world-class conference and comprehensively reflects the status of IT industry in Russia as well as development trends in the world.

      Vyacheslav Nesterov
      General Manager of the Software Development Center
      EMC Russia

    • Thank you for letting me participate in such a great experience. I really enjoyed all presentations I have attended. Great speakers and vast diversity of talks let me learn so much in such a short time.

      Kamil Grabowski
      Software Developer
      Menlo Innovations

    • Thanks to the organizers for a great event. There were many interesting presentations, lively discussions and bright personalities. In particular we noticed a close connection between generations and unexpectedly large common ground between academia and practitioners.

      Alexander Spiridonov
      Head of software testing and maintenance

    • SECR is an impressive conference: it covers a broad range of computer science topics, has engaged and excited speakers and attendees, is well organized, and generally a lot of fun to attend. It’s a great place to learn about new topics and meet experts in the field.

      Chris Lattner
      Founder and chief architect

    • I truly enjoyed speaking at SECR. The hospitality given to the speakers was exceptional and the conference was very well run. I am looking forward to returning soon!

      Mark Lines
      Managing Partner
      Scott W. Ambler + Associates

    • CEE-SECR is different from other conferences: successful smiling friendly people give the impression that I was on another planet; The conference is well organized and comfortable for participants, there was a speakers’ room, WiFi, space for discussions with a board and a screen. A pleasant fact for me was that at the last moment, when I was about to leave on a plane one of the participants told me he was going to SECR for only 2 reports, one of which is mine.

      Boris Shteinberg
      Southern Federal University (Russian Federation)

    • As a speaker I really liked the conference organization — everything was quick and exactly as was agreed. As a participant I really enjoyed the conference program. Sometimes due to two or even three interesting reports in parallel tracks, it was almost impossible to make a choice, but I think it is a good thing for a conference.

      Maxim Dorofeev
      Managing partner

    • It was nice being back in Moscow and at CEE-SECR. It is a very well organized conference you have, quite different in scope from the normal “western” conferences I attend — and I mean that positively. There is a more practitioner approach, but still some academic touch. And you seem to have a very enthusiastic — and growing — audience attending. So you must be on the right track.

      Lars Bendix
      Associate professor
      Lund University, Sweden

    • Thank you for all the excellent arrangements you made for my participation in CEE SEC[R]. The conference was very well managed.

      Dr. Bill Curtis
      Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist
      Cast Software

    • The SECR-2011 conference pleasantly surprised with the quite uncommon for scientific forums mix of intelligence and creativity, highly informative reports, participants’ real interest in learning, and all this with an excellent organizational support. Many thanks to the organizers who took care about all the details, which made participation in the conference pleasant, interesting and very useful.

      Dr.Yuri Karpov
      SPbSTU (Polytech)

    • CEE-SEC(R) goes from strength to strength, year to year. Each year larger, and more important, better: better papers, better speakers, even a better venue! The Object Management Group is proud to participate, and I personally tremendously enjoyed my participation and look forward to 2013. This is one of the best software engineering events in Eastern Europe – and perhaps the world.

      Richard Soley
      Chairman and CEO
      Object Management Group

    • I was very impressed with the Software Engineering Conference Russia. In part, this was due to the hard work of the organizers and sponsors of the conference. And in part, the success of the conference was a result of the desire of Russian software professionals to network, learn, and advance the state-of-the-practice. This is a hallmark of our emerging discipline: the professionalization of software engineering. The enthusiasm of the attendees and speakers at SECR was notable. All who were associated with the conference are to be congratulated.

      Mark Paulk
      Carnegie Mellon researcher
      CMM co-author